Our Services

On the basis of merit, confidentiality and excellence, our team of highly qualified and trained professionals ensure implementation of timely deliverables. Our team also offers a number of value added services such as consultancy and guidance concerning various authentications in adherence to laws and regulations of the UAE.

Notary Public: we authenticate contracts, MOUs, court cases and powers of attorneys at the Notary Public of Dubai courts. Upon request, our team may arrange authentications in other UAE Emirates.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we provide authentication of certificates and obtain the required stamps from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Legal Documents: we provide legal translations for all documents required by UAE courts or other corporate or natural persons anywhere.

Simultaneous Translation: we provide simultaneous & consecutive translations as well as interpretations to forums, seminars and diverse events or corporate functions.

Miscellaneous Services: we provide all sorts of creative copies and editorials to fulfill the demand on specific corporate or agency solutions, banks, government and non government organizations.

Businessmen Services: Our services include assistance to start-up a business, and facilitate arrangement of local sponsors or opening of bank accounts for new entities and trade licenses. Other services also include registration of trademarks with Ministry of Economy.

Retainerships: Our office offers long term contracts on basis of “Advance Account – Opening” in order to speed the process through emails. Fees are paid in advance and will be debited and deducted in each case from the business partner’s account.

Profile : The Encyclopedia for Legal Translation (ELT) was established by Madiha Mohamed Talaat Farid, a legal translator and an interpreter, to cater to the continuing demand in the Emirate of Dubai for cutting edge services. Since, its inception in December 1988, ELT benchmarked its presence as one of the most prominent and trusted offices in the whole of the UAE. The office expanded by broadening its prompt, accurate legal and non-legal translation services such court cases, contracts, certificates, editorials, TV and radio scripts, creative copies, manuals, reports to various advertising/ PR agencies’ solutions, thus sustaining its market position and brand equity. In 2009, Businessmen services were introduced to tap new sectors in the market and to facilitate value added solutions to ELT’s business partners. Businessmen Services offer proper assistance to set-up a new business such as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or any other form of establishment. Through this service clients may obtain the required professional, industrial and /or trade licenses in addition to arrangement of local sponsors and the guidance required to open bank accounts for newly established entities.

Our Vision: Merge with the economic strategies of the UAE by spearheading a viable sector of the market through providing a set of cutting edge services.

Our Mission: Provide excellence, accuracy and innovation in all our copies, gain customer delight and maintain long-term retainerships with current and new business partners.

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